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Port of Spain City TourOften referred to as the Capital of the Caribbean, this tour offers to the visitor, over a dozen wonders of rich European Architectural History, built in the early 1900’s, which one would hardly find anywhere else in this part of the world. Seven of them you can find together around the Queens’ Park Savannah. A rich diverse culture, a cosmopolitan society, a people living in harmony you must experience to believe. A visit to the museum is a must or a stroll through the well-kept parks or an eco walk through the oldest Botanical Gardens in the Western Hemisphere will certainly make your stay enjoyable and educational. But that is not all. Your tour ends at the Lady Young Lookout where you can see the capital from up in the air, and once the weather permits, we will see a bit of Venezuela of which we were once part of. This tour is a must.

Time: 2½ hrs

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Port of Spain City Saddle Maracas Drive

Tropical Splendor is at its best. This tour commences with a drive around the city and highlights all the main points of interest, including the architectural buildings, the Botanical Gardens and the museum. After you have seen the City from up in the air, the drive continues through sub-urban villages on our way to the “ Saddle “, a valley subdued between two hills. For most times of the day, the Saddle also known as Santa Cruz, is peaceful and very cool, ideally suited for the successful cocoa and coffee plantations. You may just be lucky to see someone at the side of the road to show you inside a cocoa pod and offer you a sample of the beans inside. As we continue our drive to the North Coast to the beautiful sandy Maracas beach, we can’t help but to stop and take in this breathtaking view of the 18 holes Moka Golf Course from up in the air. This is a refreshing eco drive through the mountains. The birds, the butterflies, the flowers including the national flower the Chaconia, even the breathtaking Caribbean Sea can all be seen along the way. Research has shown that one in ten visitors return to Maracas Beach not only to suntan and bathe in our warm waters, but also to enjoy the freshly prepared bake and shark. Return to Port of Spain through Maraval that is the other side of the Saddle.

Time 4 hrs.

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City/Mount St. Benedict MonasteryA slow drive through the city highlighting the main points of interest including the architectural buildings, the Botanical Gardens, and the Museum on our way to the east to the monastery. Situated just a few miles east of our first capital San Jose de Oruna, even fewer miles east of our University Of The West Indies, in the hills of St. Augustine. Known officially as The Abbey of Our Lady of Exile, it was the firm wish of its founder Dom Mayeul de Caigny of Bahia Brazil. The first set of monks arrived on 6 th. October 1912 and set out their monastic life second to none. On the premises is PAX Guest House, the first of its kind in the Caribbean, a bird watchers paradise indeed, and the ideal place to make peace within your-self. Mt. St. Benedict has been described as a school of enlightenment, a source of consolation, a fountain of strength and a haven of peace for thousands of people of all walks of life. From up in the hills, one can see Central Trinidad and even a glimpse of Piarco International Airport.

Time 3½ hrs.

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Maracas Beach SwimThe only stop you want to make is to fill your cooler with cold beers and your bag with snacks. This tour gives you a full 2 hours of non-stop bathing in the crystal clear waters of the sea. Enjoy the freshly prepared delicious bake and shark, but if you happen to see the coconut vendor, dot not let him pass by without drinking at least one.

Time: 4 hrs.

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City/ Asa Wright Nature CentreA quick drive through-out the City highlighting the main points of interest including the Architectural buildings, the Botanical Gardens, and the Museum. The tour then proceeds east to the valley of the Royal Charter Borough of Arima. Arima is an Amerindian term that means water and is by far the most populated village in the island. One can still see some of our remaining Carib ancestors in this village. But as we enter the North Coast Road, the material world cease to exists temporarily, and welcome to the wonderful world of flora and fauna. Here it is eco at its very best all the way to the Nature Centre. For the bird enthusiast, for the nature lover, for the wild life explorer, this is definitely the place to be without a doubt. Even if you are none of the above, and just want to be different, you will simply love this place. From the verandah, without taking a single step into the trail, you will see humming birds, tanagers, bananaquits, thrushes, honeycreepers, and the like, to your hearts desire. As an added bonus, simply stay at the well kept lodge for a minimum of three nights, and you will be afforded the opportunity to go on the easiest trail in the world to see the only bird of its’ kind, the extraordinary oil-bird, the world’s only fruit eating nocturnal bird. If you miss this tour, you miss a vacation.

Time: 6hrs.

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Caroni Bird SanctuaryBreathtaking is the only way to describe this sight as thousands of our Scarlet Ibis lit the skies as they come in to roost late evening after being out all day feeding in the country’s second largest swamp, the Caroni Swamp. This swamp is a very fine example of our eco wetlands and is protected by law. The Scarlet Ibis, the national bird of Trinidad, of which there is a population of over 10000, has been considered an endangered species since 1962, and is protected by law. There are at least three examples in this natural habitat that reflect the same colours as that of our national flag, namely Red, White, and Black. Over 180 species of birds have been recorded, and from day to day, one can see other fauna such as Cook’s tree boas, caimans, and anteaters. The slow sail inside is on a flat bottom uncovered boat guided by experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly guides. This tour is guaranteed to have you gasping for words when the blue skies suddenly turn red, as you sit in the boat waiting for them to come in to roost for the evening.

Time: 4hrs.

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North Coast TourThe Pitch Lake is considered by many to be another natural wonder of the world and certainly one of the strangest tourist attractions at that. After being excavated, once time permits, you can actually stand there and see the dug area being replenished. Used years ago to caulk ships, today it is exported around the world to build roads. It is located in the southern part of the island in an area called La Brea, which is well within the oil belt. It is soft in some areas and hard in others, and so there are always experienced and very knowledgeable tour guides to guide you along the way. On our return to Port – of – Spain, we use another route, which highlights the customs and religious practices of the Hindu community. Two short stops are made in Waterloo to see the Siewdass Sadhu Temple built in the sea and the 85ft. Hanuman Murti built by Indians of India. They are less than ten minutes apart from each other. Time permitting we can also see the Lion’s House in Chaguanas, which belongs to the Capildeo family that Sir Vidia Naipaul immortalized in his book “The House for Mr. Biswas”. A combination of these tours is for the adventurous and the inquisitive mind.

Time 8hrs.

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North Coast TourThis tour is designed for nature lovers, bird watchers and the adventurous alike. It is a very slow drive along the northern range, as the trained guide points out just about everything in sight. We thought we should let you know that the roads are long, narrow and winding, but our drivers are safe and trained in defensive driving. It starts in the west in Port of Spain, through Maraval, covers approximately half of the range, returning through Arima and back to Port of Spain. Stops are made along the way especially at Maracas beach, where you can buy freshly prepared bake and shark or take a quick dip in the waters if you care to. Cooler with water and drinks as well as some snacks are recommended.

Time 6hrs.

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This is a boat tour that starts in the Western Peninsula. Contact us for more details on this tour.

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City/ Fort George/ Chaguaramas Military MuseumThis tour is very similar to the Maracas Beach Swim Tour. Las Cuevas is also in the north coast and approximately thirty minutes away from Maracas Bay.

Time 5hrs.

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City/ Fort George/ Chaguaramas Military MuseumA slow drive through the city, which highlights the main attractions including the magnificent wonders of architecture, the Botanical Gardens, and the Lady Young Lookout. The tour then takes you to the west to the hills in St. James to Fort George where you will get a breathtaking overview of the west of Port – of – Spain, the Gulf of Paria and the surroundings. It is also a refreshing stop for a cold beer or just water if that is your thing. You can also walk with a snack pack lunch and enjoy it there. When it is time to roll again, we continue west to the old military base called Chaguaramas. See and hear the history of the place, then take a visit to the aviation and military museum. Here you are going to be definitely astonished of what you are going to see and hear in that place, which is a reflection of our military past. Be prepared for surprises.

Time 6hrs.

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North Coast TourAfter a long day of meetings, conferences, seminars, or whatever else you may have come here for, it is time to relax and wind down. Be it sip a beer, listen to some calypso, visit a steel-band yard, or trying your hand at casino gambling, or even to just sit back and relax with your loved one at one of many restaurants, we can arrange it for you. E–mail us and let us know what are your needs and we will put it in place for you.

(Min. 3 hrs)

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North Coast TourThis is one tour you will never be able to get over in a very long time. As a matter of fact you are going to come back again or even tell a friend or family. Spectacular, amazing, astonishing, unbelievable are just some of the descriptions that have been given before to describe this tour. It is a night tour and seasonal as well. It runs from March 1 st to August 31 st. Trinidad is in the top five countries in the world for the laying of eggs of the leatherback turtle. They are endangered species and so protected by law. No amount of words can describe this wonder of a tour. You simply just have to be here to see it. Permits are required and this is put in place for you even before you arrive. If you are so nature inclined you can consider adopting a turtle. The monies are used for continuous research on the life and behavioral patterns of turtles. The tour starts between 6pm and 7pm but finishes when you have gotten over your astonishment.

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This is real easy. Simply tell us what you want done and consider it a done deal. We will put everything in place for you. All you have to do is pack your bags and get here. Leave everything else up to us. Shopping tours are also included if you so desire. If there is a tour that was not described or mentioned but you would like to do it, feel free to ask us. We are definitely looking forward to having you here.

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